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Blendercleanser Solid 0.5oz

Rp 110.000

Pecahan set dari set BB

Many have tried, but no one can repeat the bestselling blendercleanser® solid formula! The first one of its kind on the market, this travel-friendly alternative to liquid blendercleanser® is naturally-based and offers spill-free cleaning for beautyblender® and brushes.

blendercleanser® solid supports the integrity of the blender, as well as removes excess residue and germs for a clean makeup application. Comes with a custom grid that allows for drying of beautyblender® and scrubbing of brushes.


05 June 2017
No hastle
Hana Lim
Ini memang mahal, cuman kalo udh beli beauty blender mahal2 jangan sampe pake cleanser yg salah. Really. Karena kalo pake cleanser yg salah, beauty blendernya bisa "kemakan". Selain itu it really gets the job done. Saya pakai ini bukan cuman buat bersihin beauty blender tp jg buat bersihin kuas2 make up yang lain, Jadi worth it. Udh 2x beli ini and nggak ada niat ganti pakai cleanser yg lain to clean my beauty blender and brushes.